Transform your practice with the addition of group health without the struggle of doing it alone. 
Transform your practice with the addition of group health without the struggle of doing it alone. 
 A Done-For-You Group
Coaching Program
For Clinicians Who Want To Build Community

Create your collective so you can transform the health of your patients and local community and fall in love with your clinical practice. (so you can stop feeling burnt out and unsatisfied with clinical results). 

Create meaningful connections for your community, perfect for women who want to
cultivate sisterhood and thriving health. 

Help women connect physiology to intuition so that they can reclaim their wild.

You are either new or seasoned in clinical practice
but thought it would feel entirely more rewarding
then this, you desire to see more consistent health

You are burnt out and think that it should feel
different then this, the one-on-one clinical model
is not sustainable for you, when it comes to
balance or profitability (tired of repeating yourself
day after day, multiple times knowing there has
to be a more efficient way to provide
foundational health information)

You believe that community is essential for
healing and you want to a group offering for your
practice, but you don’t want to have the time or
desire to create an entire program outside of clinical hours.

Maybe a community health initiative is important but just have so many projects you want to focus on - opening a clinic, seeing patients, programs and treatment plans, writing a book, getting on stage…

Maybe you have tried to launch your own community program but it just didn’t have traction. There wasn’t enough interest or marketing isn’t your strong suit or you just don’t know what makes a community health initiative sell out or have people excited and engaged.
You will be, if you aren’t already, full in your clinical practice. 
At that point then there are only so many hours and patients you can see. You can either extend your hours and feel burnt out, find more days in the week or find a more efficient model.

Or you are currently trying to grow your private practice, group health helps to fast- track the growth of your clinical practice, abundantly filled with your Avatar, the women you know you can help. Pretty brilliant growth strategy.

Wanting to be more efficient with time, this is where group health can revolutionize your clinical practice. 
Tired of saying the same thing over and over again, yeah I was too. Now you can teach all our foundations of health to an entire community of patients so that you do not have to use your time in one-on-one visits. 

This makes your time in clinical practice more efficient and enjoyable because now you are talking to patients who have a robust understanding of the foundations of health and are motivated to take action. 
It is fairly obvious that if our patients had the support they needed to transform their health, we would see consistent results of transformative health. 
Often all patients need after our assessment and individualized treatment plan is the community to support them through the challenges for when things get challenging, because healing is not always linear or easy. But also access to health information that is essential to adherence to the treatment plan makes a lasting impact. 
For many practitioners they do not know where to send their patients to find such a revolutionary community and for others they are not impressed by what is out their for patients to access and wish they could have a group offering that was in alignment with their core health beliefs. 

This is a program created by a naturopathic doctor focussed in evidence based medicine.

The Wild Collective can become your community offering. 
Your community, your education, your awesome results. 
You want your patients to understand their body better, you want them to feel empowered and self-advocate with allied health professionals and you know deep down that they need a community to have their back to succeed in their goals. 
THE WILD COLLECTIVE has supported so many women on the reclamation of their wild. 

… we are on a soul driven mission to spread the magic like wild fire and help others like you have the clinical practice you desire and the community you need to have more consistent patient health transformations. 
Sisterhood is the medicine I never knew I needed.

I had devoured all the research and on an intellectual level it made sense. If I wanted thriving health I needed to prioritize connection, but connection had been a scary thing in the past.  Having been through situations of social rejection and bullying, sisterhood has been something I have avoided in the past. 

The Wild Collective has transformed this narrative for me, because we offer high vibration, meaningful connection. Sisterhood was what I needed to level up in every way and live in alignment with my core values. It was necessary to be healed and made be braver then I could have ever thought possible. 
As a clinician it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles to cure that are getting in the way of thriving health. Negative self-talk, sadness or feeling their energy zapped at home or work was getting in the way of my women really achieving health. It is my experience that sisterhood is the answer.
You deserve a curriculum that empowers you about health and your physiology. The reclamation of your wild is through health information that connects your physiology to your intuition. You deserve access to a deeper understanding of integrative medicine, what tests provide you clarity in your health, evidence based natural solutions that support total health.

Health care offered in a one on one fashion is essential for individualized care, however after 11 years of private practice I can tell you that true, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community. 
And it’s a lot more fun ;)

It is now an honour to share this space with other facilitators who are also be witnesses of such beautiful transformations.
One where women stand in their light, gain clarity on purpose, take bold action in their life. I truly hope every person is lucky enough to witness and be a part of such humanity.
Women’s health curriculum
A deeper knowing of the Divine Feminine 
Your collective awaits. 
Wasted time…
You know the benefits of group health, you want your patients to have access to a community health initiative, but you don’t have the time to create a new offering.  
You have books to write, patents to see in clinical practice and an impact to make on the world, but you would love for your patients to have access to a health conscious community.
Luckily, we have taken care of that for you. Foundational health delivered in 10 modules. Custom powerpoint presentations. Handouts? Yep, we have those created for you too. Want to see something included? Sure, just let us know and we can have that designed for you.

Wasted money…
Opportunity costs. You want a community, you have thought of creating your own, but the idea of creating something with the uncertainty if anyone will even be interested in your offering. Wild Collective has a robust history of success. In my clinical practice alone we have sold out every time we have offered it. Many of our facilitators across Canada have had similar success. This is a group program woman want to be a part of, tell all of their friends about and are transformed by. We have made group health sexy, our track record speaks for itself. This is a program that women want access to and are transformed by. We have worked out the kinks for you, perfected the curriculum and flow ensuring we meet the needs of all members.

Can you afford not to join us in delivering healthcare with the Wild Collective method?
Girlfriend, stay in your area of genius. You are an incredible healthcare provider, but have little interest in becoming a marketing guru. With The Wild Collective Facilitator training program we have done all of this for you.
Instagram posts, yep we have images and text that can be mixed and matched for simple and impactful marketing.
Every email, every newsletter, every document contracts, sign up forms, sales pages, lead magnets, funnels.
Yep all done for you.

You got into healthcare to transform lives, radically shift mindset and watch women in your community thrive.

Launching The Wild Collective in your community allows you to have growth and diversity in your profitable practice, a community health initiative that women want to be a part of and witness beautiful health transformations.
As healthcare practitioners it has always been our mission to provide revolutionary healthcare. However, if you are like myself, you realize a few years into practice that it takes so much more then a solid assessment and personliazed plan to transform health.
Support is what your patients need to transform, they need a safe space to consume health information and a community of likeminded individuals to support them in their journey to thriving health.
The model is changing, are you going to join us in disrupting the model and provided a meaningful, transformative healthcare model

Practitioner burn-out is real. Trading time for money can soon become an efficient model to work within when your schedule becomes full.
Or perhaps you realize that there has to be a more efficient way to deliver foundational health, rather then repeating yourself over and over all day long to every patient you see in your private practice (can we all agree that it is exhausting getting patients to drink more water ;).
Delivering care via group health allows you to diversify your clinical offering. You can see patients one on one, send individuals to your group model to learn what you need them to know to be a more informed health consumer and empowered in their own healthcare experience and you can feel like your practice is more profitable, without all the burn-out.
Sounds so sustainable, Sign me up!

And by golly, it’s fun.
Group health delivery is fun. Health information is critical for health transformation as is support. But I know that I craved to have fun in my career, connection is impactful, inspiring and has made my ‘job’ as a naturopathic doctor very fun.
You will laugh and because we know the value of joyous connection.
Your community gets all the health information you need, but we do also promise a good time.
The Wild Collectove is a supportive community of like-minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into the members of your community. 

Educating women about their feminine power from a health perspective increases awareness and empowers your community to tap into and be closely connected to not only their physiology but also their intuition.  

The Wild Collective is a complete, done for you, 10-month women’s health curriculum and program, ready to launch in 30-45 days. 

It includes a methodology and sequence to our wildly successful women’s circles, handouts, all marketing material, emails, newsletters, monthly health goals and innovative ways to enhance the community experience for your community members. 

Typical revenue generated per group:

$10,000 per group - this can be offered as often as it suits your practice for a 12 month period. There is an annual recertification fee of $1500.

You will receive 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions with the creator of The Wild Collective, Dr. Michelle Peris.
The Wild Collective Facilitator Coaching
  • Session 1 - Methodology + Sequence 
  • Session 2- Marketing Strategy
  • Session 3- Health Themes
  • ​​Session 4 - Information Session + Growth of The Wild Collective  
  • Session 5- Your vulnerability story + the sales pitch 
  • ​Session 6- Troubleshooting + answering all your questions throughout the first year of your community offering 
The Wild CollectIve CURRICULUM 
Functional Testing
Women’s Sex Hormones
Menstrual Cycle is your superpower
Functional testing
Trust your gut
Functional testing
What do you need to detox from your life ?
Functional testing
Speak your truth
Goals & planning
Clarity on mission & purpose
Functional testing
Bravery through
Functional testing
Connecting to feminine power
Functional testing

Functional testing
Elevate and feel energized 

Put all the pieces together
Physiology + Intuition
Affirm your knowledge of feminine power

We have sold out every single time we have offered The Wild Collective and maintain a significant waitlist, it was through our own success that it became clear that this was something that needed to be shared with other practitioners. 

 This is a program that facilitates health transformation for the women involved. It is our mission that women around the globe have access to the evidence based healthcare curriculum and the sisterhood.

We want you to have the same success and traction in your clinical practice and community. 

We will be accepting 10 facilitators this round and once it is sold out you will have to wait until the next semester before you can access the facilitator program again.

If you are reading this now, it’s because you are ready, because you crave more, The Wild Collective causes women to remember who they are and what they are about. The time is now.

We celebrate the wild ones who take fast action... 
The cart is only open for 2 weeks (and the bonuses expire at midnight. 

If you want to get in on the magic, then don’t delay. 

If that isn’t enticing enough when you purchase today then you receive all of our bonuses. 

Training begins July 5th, 2021

When the cart is closed, there are no exceptions and you are going to have to wait until the next round.   
If you sign up by midnight

One on one strategy session with the creator of
The Wild Collective to get clear on your goals. 
Valued at $500

[BONUS] CEO BLUEPRINT 4 week program with

Join my dear friend and therapist Adele Tevlin for
1 hour masterclass on mindset to make the most of this experience, start off this experience by being inspired by Adele’s magic. Get prepared to cultivate your skilled mind.
Valued at $500


1 hour coaching session by the marketing and business guru herself, Dr. Meghan Walker. 

Valued at $500
Where wild women roam
Diversify your clinical offering and income generation. Grow your community, magnify your impact, while streamlining your practice to preserve your health (say no to practitioner burn-out) while elevating the health of the women of your community.
  • 6 hours of coaching with Dr. Michelle Peris, the creator of The Wild Collective
  • All marketing materials: Newsletters, emails, social media posts to  successfully launch your community health initiative
  • The entire 10 module Wild Collective curriculum
  • ​Access to ALL Wild Collective programming
  • ​All handouts and program activities
  • ​Access to a community of The Wild Collective Facilitators for troubleshooting
  • ​Support and coaching around leadership and making successful sales online
  • ​Alignment and visibility with a trusted recognized international brand for group health
  • ​[BONUS] Workshop with Adele Tevlin
  • ​[BONUS] 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Meghan Walker
One payment of $9999 or
3 payments of $3499
  • 6 hours of coaching with Dr. Michelle Peris, the creator of The Wild Collective
  • All marketing materials: Newsletters, emails, social media posts to successfully launch your community health initiative
  • The entire 10 module Wild Collective curriculum
  • ​Access to ALL Wild Collective programming
  • ​All handouts and program activities
  • ​Access to a community of The Wild Collective Facilitators for troubleshooting
  • ​Support and coaching around leadership and making successful sales online
  • ​Alignment and visibility with a trusted recognized international brand for group health
  • ​[BONUS] Workshop with Adele Tevlin
  • ​[BONUS] 1-on-1 Coaching Call with Meghan Walker
One payment of $14999 or
3 payments of $5199
FACILITATORS are saying: 
"Dr. Peris makes it ridiculously easy, with The Wild Collective material/content, to bring women together in a way that is immensely full-filling - not only for the facilitator(s) but ultimately a sisterhood of women.This powerful community of women - coming together to stand fiercely in their divine feminine is so needed in today's society where loneliness reigns. It allows women access to radical self care - transforming them at a soul level that is magical and palpable. I couldn't be more honoured to be a part of this movement."

* The Wild Collective has allowed me to actualize my passion as an ND - which is to bring women together in a way that is educational AND soul full-filling. That allows women to reconnect with their divine feminine and experience how an empowering and supportive sisterhood of women where radical self care reigns can elevate their health and happiness.

*This experience has brightened my outlook towards women's health. It's closed the circle to what has been missing in my practice for the past 15yrs. That palpable feeling of women supporting women and stepping into their power to actualize their purpose in a way that is as much education as it is connection & support - nothing short of magical.

*Why reinvent the wheel? As ND's we're are expertly qualified to provide The Wild Collective content (which is delicious in and of itself). Combining education, ceremony, connection, self care and community how could I not be a part of this movement? Women deserve this. To reconnect with themselves and other women for the purpose of living their best lives. "

- Dr. Salna Smith ND
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I offer
The Wild Collective? 
You have access to offer The Wild Collective in your city only. This contract is for the in-person experience only.  
Will there be other
Wild Collectives in my city? 
Great question! We will protect your city or KM location for 6 months to allow you enough time to get fully established before launching another The Wild Collective in your city. We will always be respectful of population size, KM radius as to not in any way impact your growth.
Some of our most successful cities have multiple The Wild Collective facilitators and locations, think abundantly the more they hear about it, the more curious and excited they become to join.

What if there is a pandemic? 

If there is ever a reason such as a pandemic that requires physical distancing then you will be absolutely allowed to take your current Collectives virtual and launch new Collectives virtually until the situation is resolved and participants feel comfortable meeting in person together again. 
What if I want something added to the curriculum? 

Within The Wild Collective there is a framework and flow that we attribute to our success as a community health initiative that we believe are responsible for our awesome reputation and health transformations.

The curriculum is a foundational naturopathic/ functional medicine program. This can be catered to grow your private practice and therefore should be in alignment with how you practice medicine. The tests you offer, your clinical experience and diet/ lifestyle considerations.

If there is a deficiency in a particular session or you would like to have something else offered, then let us know and our designer will add those slides to the ppt deck.
It’s just that easy!

What if I don’t have room in my clinic to offer a larger community health initiative? 
Many of our facilitators do not have the space to offer a community health initiative in their clinic. They have found so many innovative options to make group health a reality for their community.

Renting community centres, barn, yoga studio, community rooms in library. There so many ways to make this work, do not let location get in the way of providing a revolutionary healthcare experience.

We know our program is awesome and marketing is solid, with consistent conversion. Your participants will follow you wherever you end up. You bring the magic, magic can happen anywhere!

What programs are included in the The Wild Collective Facilitator Training? 
When you become a The Wild Collective facilitator, you have access to ALL of our community health initiatives (present and any that we create in the future). This includes The Wild Collective, Wild Alumni, Forever Wild, Wild Mama and Empowered Teen.

We have made launching a community too many demographics easy.

Find Your PACK. 
Reclaim Your Wild. 
Ignite passion and purpose into the life of the women in your community who are brave enough to join you on this journey and not only transform their health but also discover their superpowers.

The Wild Collective is your done-for-you community health initiative, that has impressive sign-up and conversion rates for all of our practitioners across Canada & USA. Group health made easy, growth of a practice that feels nourishing, profitable and sustainable. Oh and don’t forget fun!

Receive a strategy session with the creator of The Wild Collective, Dr. Michelle Peris. Two amazing masterclasses with Adele Tevlin and Dr. Meghan Walker.

Offer expires at July 3rd.
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