Group Health

1:1 Practice

Educate your patient/participant with everything they need to know in order to be compliant to take inspired action

Feel deeply connected by supportive like-minded individuals, ensuring higher likelihood of success

Education on functional testing and integrative interventions 

Talk about the benefit hydration only once, no more information on repeat.  All.  Day.  Long. 


Group Health

Educate your patient/participant with everything they need to know in order to be compliant to take inspired actiom

Feel deeply connected by supportive like-minded individuals, ensuring higher likelihood of success

Education on functional testing and integrative interventions 

Talk about the benefit hydration only once, no more information on repeat.  All.  Day.  Long. 

1:1 Practice

Educate your patient/participant with everything they need to know in order to be compliant to take inspired actiom

Education on functional testing and integrative interventions 


The Wild Collective is a supportive community of like minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into their lives. Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow them to tap into and be closely connected to their inner voice and intuition.

The Wild Collective is a 10-module women’s health curriculum with lectures, handouts, intentional goal setting and a supportive community of women who want each other to succeed.

Curriculum Breakdown


My Menstrual Cycle

Women’s sex hormones & how to be tested properly.
Learn how your Menstrual Cycle is your superpower.

My Digestion

Breakdown the physiology of your digestive system
and the importance of trusting your gut.

My Detoxification

Learn the physiology and science behind detoxification.
What do you need to detox from your life?

My Thyriod

The physiology & how to be tested properly.
Begin to speak your truth.

My Vision

Goals & planning.
 Gain clarity on your mission & purpose.

My Sleep & My Stress

The physiology & how to be tested properly.
Gain resiliency through challenges.

My Breasts & My Yoni

Physiology breakdown & how to be tested properly.
Connecting to your feminine power.

My Brain & My Mood

Physiology of the brain and how it affects our mood.
Master your mindset.

My Blood Sugar Regulation

The physiology & how to be tested properly.
How to elevate & feel energized everyday. 

Our Divine Feminine

Physiology + Intuition.
Affirm your knowledge of feminine power.



Once the woman have completed the first phase, the collective they have grown with will have the opportunity move up to the next phase, The Wild Alumni. In this phase they will take what they have learned about their body in the Wild Collective and graduate to elevating their mind and how to harness its power.
*This is a progression to The Wild Collective and the participants must complete
phase one, The Wild Collective before enrolling in this program.


After graduating from Wild Alumni, the group will have the chance to move forward to Forever Wild. In this collective they will be asked the hard questions, their soul put to the test and what truly lights their soul on fire. The intention is to move towards their higher self and let the divine feminine be their guide.
*This is a progression to the Wild Alumni and the participants must complete
phase two, Wild Alumni before enrolling in this program.
We are consistently adding more and more collectives to the overall movement. These are just a few that can be added to expand your audience and impact your practice. All these programs and assets come with The Wild Collective Program to use within your community.


What You Will Learn

  • How to launch group programs with poise and certainty
  • Power of the collective to articulate the power of community to your prospective participants
  • Explore new marketing tactics and tools, tested by over 100 clinicians and proven conversion method
  • Be empowered to launch and scale your community offering, reach more people with less repetition
  • Develop confidence with public speaking, vulnerability and a sales approach that aligns with your intention and values
  • ​Create your own
  • How to take a fundamental health, evidence-based research approach to health optimization and no longer repeat yourself in the 1:1 clinic time
  • ​Know the steps to creating a blossoming program & launch strategy and impact millions [if that is the goal ;) ]
  • How to successfully articulate your offer, create urgency and
    a community experience so unparalleled that participants will be begging to join your next program, membership or high-ticket offer
  • ​How to coach individuals towards a healthier mindset and lean on the support of the collective to successfully achieve their health goals
  • Connect with a worldwide, amazingly supportive community of clinicians
  • Unmatchable community cheerleading


The Wild Collective is for any health professional who has the education to articulate the anatomy & physiology, symptoms, functional testing options and concepts of the divine feminine in 10 modules. 

The Wild Alumni Collective allows space for peer facilitation, and focuses on mindfulness, mindset, pleasure and vision. 

Forever Wild is a high-level curriculum, provoking vibrational and spiritual mindset practice.
  • ​Naturopathic Doctor
  • ​Nutritionist
  • ​Health Coach
  • ​Medical Doctor
  • ​Pysiotherapist
  • ​Chiropractor
  • ​Osteopath
  • ​Functional Medicine Practitioner



providing the Support, empowerment and knowledge of the collectives gloBAlly


All Trainings Are 100% Online

You can join us from anywhere, we have tested our methodology and systems globally and know that they speak to all audiences.  All trainings are recorded, if you cannot join us live, then you can catch the replay, I have enough enthusiasm that extends beyond the screen.  Send your questions ahead of time, we will make sure to address and answer them all on the live call! 

Weekly Live Group Training

As a community, we train as a collective to ensure all group members embark on their journey together, similarly like the women in The Wild Collective.  Launching in live time adds extensive value to the experience, it provides urgency and ensures that you achieve a solid launch.  

Weekly Live Q&A

Each week on the Facebook group, there is a live ask anything Q & A session offered. No question is left unanswered.

Tech Bootcamp

There is a module based tech training program you have access to 24/7 to help with every step in the technology of launching.
* The Wild Collective Program ONLY

Next Training Session Begins 2023



The Wild Collective is trained in 6 modules.

The Wild Collective

Module 1:

Methodology + sequence that has made Wild Collective the successful, transformational experience that it is.

Module 2:

Learn about our marketing strategy that was the secret sauce behind our epic results. Know how to get your community to sign up and invest in the journey!

Module 3:

Review the curriculum, handouts + activities that your community will receive when they join your Wild Collective, because it is ALL DONE FOR YOU ALREADY! I know, that is such a relief as a busy clinician, I have got you covered!

Module 4:

Learn to scale your Wild Collective community, into our graduated 10 module programs, a monthly membership, retreat or a high-ticket offer. There is so much possibility once you have your community up and running.

Module 5:

Prepare for launch.  Know how you will articulate the value of Wild Collective to your community and feel aligned with making sales. For many clinicians this is where we shrink and hide, sales pitches feel yucky and I will make sure this feels so aligned and like an incredible investment for your community. Because it is!

Module 6:

Post information session and launch of Wild Collective clarity session. And don’t worry our coaching extends far beyond our training time together. 

I continue to show up weekly for live Q&A calls, I will answer any and all questions you have. 




Mindset Mastery

A masterclass on how setting the right mindset is more than just being mindful and setting intentions

Secrets to Personalizing Your Program

How to get creative in your own community

Get Out of Your Own Way and Lead

Getting over our fears and taking the bull!


Our most valuable asset is time.  You are ready, have clarity about delivering a group program. Let's save you hundreds of hours through this proven system, tested marketing strategies, connection building tactics. The greatest investment you can make is in yourself, oh and a system that gets you your vision of efficient healthcare in only 60-90 days. 

Live weekly training

Community health is best experienced and taught in, yep you guessed it, a community.  We support each other throughout the entire process and you learn through lived experience the value of being in a high vibe, like-minded community to get you to take inspired action. 

Q & A weekly

I have been coaching long enough to know that inevitably questions pop-up and I know you want answers.  So as a way to streamline communication and keep things organized, I will show up live weekly in your private Facebook page to answer any and all questions you might have.  This way all Q&A responses are recorded and stored in the group so you can watch any reply when you have time.  You have lifetime access to these recordings so you can come back to this content well beyond the initial training. 

Bonus masterclasses

Knowing what prevents clinicians and coaches from launching and scaling their impact and working on their practice efficiency.  So my team and I have curated the best practices from our successes and failed attempts (the best lessons come from our perceived failures) and are super excited to walk you through all things marketing, facilitating, leadership & mindset.  We have got you covered.  All bonuses are recorded with lifetime access.

Tech Bootcamp

Perhaps you are tech savvy or you have a VA or a tech team that can take our assets and build out your funnels and nurture sequences for you.  Or perhaps this is something you want to DIY through our bootcamp.  We know this happens, since that is exactly what Dr. Leigha Saunders ND did.  So she recorded the entire process from beginning to end.  This is done as a course with modules, checklists, video trainings.  It has never been easier to build out the tech automations to scale this model to make this model even more time efficient.  By clinicians, for clinicians; because that's how we roll!

Graphic templates for promo

We know, marketing and creating assets for marketing is exhausting.  What looks good, what creates curiosity and excitement, well with TWC you don't have to spend your time worrying about that.  We have done this for you, swap your face and messaging for mine and et voila! 

Email & marketing content

We are passionate and trained in proficient in healthcare.  I highly doubt you got into this because you wanted to write strong copy that incentivizes your audience to desire greater health.  No you are a brilliant clinician who is great at what you do, so we have included all our email templates, legal documentation for regulated health professionals.  As well as, a marketing framework for successful social media post writing, one that gets your community to take action.  We also include a launch calendar to plan your marketing calendar 3 months to 2 weeks prior. 

Professional designed module presentations

All your powerpoint presentations for 10 modules of a fundamental women's health program as well as handouts with medical disclaimers have been created for you.  The benefit of our growing eclectic community of brilliant clinicians, we have added to our slide decks.  We have beautiful slides that are comprehensive, have been tested on thousands of women, delivered by over a hundred doctors & regulated health professionals.  If there is a slide that doesn't align with your practice, no worries—just take it out.  If you feel like we are missing a slide or two, just reach out, it is very easy for us to create it so that it remains on brand.  All new slides must be created by us, to ensure integrity of the brand and evidence based curriculum is maintained. Only deliver slides that are in alignment with your practice, after all this is about scaling your vision. This is your community, we just provided the content to make your life easy! 


Hi, I'm Dr. Michelle Peris

Naturalpathic Doctor,
Creator of The Wild Collective & Collective Creator,
& Host of the Rebel Talk Podcast

Sisterhood is the medicine I never knew I needed.

I had devoured all the research and on an intellectual level it made sense. If I wanted thriving health I needed to prioritize connection, but connection had been a scary thing in the past.  Having been through situations of social rejection and bullying, sisterhood has been something I have avoided in the past.

The Wild Collective has transformed this narrative for me, because we offer high vibration, meaningful connection. Sisterhood was what I needed to level up in every way and live in alignment with my core values. It was necessary to be healed and made be braver then I could have ever thought possible.

As a clinician it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles to cure that are getting in the way of thriving health. Negative self-talk, sadness or feeling their energy zapped at home or work was getting in the way of my women really achieving health. It is my experience that sisterhood is the answer.

Health care offered in a one-on-one fashion is essential for individualized care, however after 11 years of private practice I can tell you that true, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community. And it’s a lot more fun!



Wild Retreat Guide

$555 ADD-ON

Planning on hosting a Wild Retreat? We have you covered!

After successfully running ours, we quickly put together all the things we learned while planning and hosting the event.

We have even created a retreat video guide as well as templates so that you can use to prepare for the event and use at the event for your participants.

Everything to make your Retreat every bit successful!

Forever Wild Training

$2222 ADD-ON

Forever Wild is one of the progressions in The Wild Collective program where we work on our mindset and dig deep into our psyche.

This is a training where we go through each module together to not only know HOW to run the program in your own respect community, but fully travel through the program yourself to truly understand the power of this work and how to help others.

*This is included for The Wild Collective early bird offer only

Where can I offer
The Wild Collective? 
You have access to offer The Wild Collective in your city only. This contract is for the in-person experience only.  
Will there be other
Wild Collectives in my city? 
Great question! We will protect your city or KM location for 6 months to allow you enough time to get fully established before launching another The Wild Collective in your city. We will always be respectful of population size, KM radius as to not in any way impact your growth.
Some of our most successful cities have multiple The Wild Collective facilitators and locations, think abundantly the more they hear about it, the more curious and excited they become to join.

What if there is a pandemic? 
If there is ever a reason such as a pandemic that requires physical distancing then you will be absolutely allowed to take your current Collectives virtual and launch new Collectives virtually until the situation is resolved and participants feel comfortable meeting in person together again. 
What if I want something added to the curriculum? 
Within The Wild Collective there is a framework and flow that we attribute to our success as a community health initiative that we believe are responsible for our awesome reputation and health transformations.

The curriculum is a foundational naturopathic/ functional medicine program. This can be catered to grow your private practice and therefore should be in alignment with how you practice medicine. The tests you offer, your clinical experience and diet/ lifestyle considerations.

If there is a deficiency in a particular session or you would like to have something else offered, then let us know and our designer will add those slides to the ppt deck.
It’s just that easy!

What if I don’t have room in my clinic to offer a larger community health initiative? 
Many of our facilitators do not have the space to offer a community health initiative in their clinic. They have found so many innovative options to make group health a reality for their community.

Renting community centres, barn, yoga studio, community rooms in library. There so many ways to make this work, do not let location get in the way of providing a revolutionary healthcare experience.

We know our program is awesome and marketing is solid, with consistent conversion. Your participants will follow you wherever you end up. You bring the magic, magic can happen anywhere!

What programs are included in the The Wild Collective Facilitator Training? 
When you become a The Wild Collective facilitator, you have access to ALL of our community health initiatives (present and any that we create in the future). This includes The Wild Collective, Wild Alumni, Forever Wild, Wild Mama and Empowered Teen.

We have made launching a community too many demographics easy.

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