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Creating a group program or course is the fastest way
 to grow your income outside of 1:1 appointments 
and serve your patients in a more meaningful way.


Whether you've just recently launched a program or you've been in the 1:1 practice space for a while now, you already know that a group program is the key to making a bigger impact, earning more of that sweet money, honey, and having more freedom in your business—finally!


You have come to terms with the idea of trading time for money in a 1-on-1 capacity can only take you so far...

Unless we make the decision to do health differently we max out our ability to impact AND often it is a recipe for burnout.

1-on-1 can be rewarding work, but it is hard.  

And deep down you know there is a more sophisticated way to drive meaningful results for your community. 
  • Case of the Mondays: Your calendar is MAXED out  and you are overwhelmed by your scheduled appointments. Never mind the struggle of when you need a sick day. You are craving space in your calendar.  Showing up once a month & only having to say things once is way more your vibe. 
  • Not enough time in the day: You want more time in your day to spend it how you would like.  Going to the park with the kids without needing to check your phone or going on that dream holiday and fully unplugging so that you can be present for it.  You are ambitious AF but you also want a life outside of work.  
  • Inconsistent results: You know you were meant for more.  You LOVE seeing your patients get results, transform in their health and you recognized the limitations to be able to do that in a 1:1 capacity,  You want to impact more people and do it in a way that gets results AND honours your energy and enjoyment. 
And if you're reeaaally honest with yourself 
(and me), you know that launching a group program could solve all those problems.
And then some.  


Group Health

1:1 Practice

Educate your patient/participant with everything they need to know in order to be compliant to take inspired action

Feel deeply connected by supportive like-minded individuals, ensuring higher likelihood of success

Education on functional testing and integrative interventions 

Talk about the benefits of hydration only once, no more information on repeat.  All.  Day.  Long. 

Increase your hourly rate by 2-3x! Even though you will also increase access to integrative medicine to your greater community, by reducing their hourly investment.  Win/win!

 so, Why haven't you done it yet?

You have enough questions it's beginning to feel like a dissertation... and no one to help you answer them.
  • ​Where do I even begin?
  • What topics would I cover?
  • ​What tech do I need to get started? 
  • ​What if I have a smaller audience? 
  • How do I grow my community after my 1st launch? 
  • ​What if I build it all and no one buys?
Your head is flooded with so many thoughts and beliefs (all untrue) that sabotage your ability to even get started... then you just keep going, and the feeling of burnout is real and you know deep down that what you are doing is not sustainable.

(believe me, I have been there too...)



Building my group program will be more work than I have time for

After years of selling group program, here is what I know to be true...

It takes more time repeating yourself day in and day out with each patient, it feels like you never get to address root cause because you're so busy repeating the basics to each patient. 

Now that is time inefficient. 

You don't need a huge amount of time to build this out.   

Heck we are even leveraging AI to make this as quick and time efficient as possible.

I get it, when I started this I was maxed out too. Here's the thing: I am sharing the exact same methodology and templates with you because I know there is only so much time in the day.

We will build this out in chunks and we will launch before it is even built, wild I know, but more on that later....


My patients like 1:1, why would they join a group program?

Okay, this one's gotta go! It's straight up not true.

Just because something is unfamiliar doesn't mean that we ought to just brush past it.

Group health programming is the most efficient way to disseminate information and transform the health of your patients.

We just have to familiarize them with why they would invest their resources in a group health program.

Our live launch & info session templates help you articulate the value for your audience.  It is the very pitch I have been using for years.

We have been selling out group programs with our launch system for years.  And I am giving it all to you.

We just need to powerfully articulate the value of group programs and motivating communication is my jam.


I am worried about being  compliant with my regulatory college 

Okay, take a deep breath and repeat after me..

It is possible to be a regulated health professional and have a profitable program offering. 

I get it, the very thought of getting in trouble is enough to stop you dead in your tracks, so you don't even try.

But hear me out, your message is so important, people need access to your mastery and it often extends beyond the confines of your jurisdiction. 

If we really want to make a meaningful impact with public health outcomes we need to get creative while respecting regulation.

I am a regulated health professional who has been successfully doing this for the last 8 years, while scaling globally. I have even had my legal documentation and program outline reviewed by my college and other provincial regulatory bodies with no concerns.  These are not just words,  I have actually walked that path before you.

Unlike other coaches out there, I don’t just claim we can do this, I am living proof.

I can help you feel confident and compliant. 

WHO is the Collective Creator academy for?

  • ​Naturopathic Doctor
  • ​Nutritionist
  • ​Health Coach
  • ​Medical Doctor
  • ​Pysiotherapist
  • ​Chiropractor
  • ​Osteopath
  • ​Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • ​Manual therapist

Our commitment

The CCA is for clinicians and coaches who are ready to effortlessly launch, scale, and find joy in group health programs and who want to create a life & business with abundant time freedom and transformative impact.

We provide a clear roadmap through video trainings, monthly live coaching & support to take your program from an idea to money in your bank account.


  • How to launch group programs with poise and certainty
  • ​Power learn how the collective drives more consistent and reliable transformations, increase patient engagement & impact more people through the power of community
  • Explore new marketing tactics and tools, tested by over 100+ clinicians and proven conversion method
  • Be regulation compliant know what you need to do to ensure you are confidently online or in a group program AND in accordance with your college. 
  • Develop confidence with public speaking, vulnerability and a sales approach that aligns with your intention and values
  • How to successfully articulate your offer, create urgency and
    a community experience so unparalleled that participants will be begging to join your next program, membership or high-ticket offer

FROM other clinicians just like you...


Imagine what it would be like to finally create, launch and fill the founding round of your online course

You would be able to earn $5k, $10k, or more from that first launch, knowing that you can rinse + repeat with bigger launches down the road

You would have participants messaging you with their incredible wins after taking your program, wanting to keep working with you

You would be growing a business that's actually supporting the kind of life where you feel good about working less


I know because I've done it.

And I've taught hundreds of other clinicians and coaches too.

I can't wait to show YOU how...


Hi, I'm Dr. Michelle Peris

Naturopathic Doctor,
Creator of The Wild Collective & Collective Creator ACADEMY, & Host of WILD MEDICINE Podcast

I'm your go-to gal for all things wild, wellness, and a sprinkle of Canadian charm. So, grab your coffee, kick back, and let me take you on a journey into the heart of The Wild Collective.

Picture this: A Canadian mom of two, passionately sipping coffee, grooving in dance classes, and sneakily indulging in reality TV escapades. Oh, did I mention my love for travel? Yeah, that's me, juggling the joys of motherhood and my wild pursuit of extraordinary living.

Now, let's rewind a bit. I started out dreaming of a conventional naturopathic practice, but deep down, my creative side was itching for more. I craved transformation beyond the confines of a clinic – more time, more impact, and definitely more joy.

Enter 2017, the birth year of The Wild Collective. I threw caution to the wind, brought together incredible women, armed them with health wisdom and a dash of divine feminine vibes. And boom! My passion project not only sold out but became the heartbeat of a thriving community, proving that health and happiness go hand in hand.

After gracing health conferences and witnessing the demand for my method, I pivoted to teaching other clinicians to spread their wings. Teaching business strategy and mindset became my forte, and soon, I found myself guiding coaches and clinicians to build their own empires.

Now, let's talk struggles. Crafting an irresistible course offer? Navigating the maze of audience growth without being glued to social media? Been there, felt that. But hey, breakthroughs are my middle name.

I mastered the art of marketing through graduated offers, creating a dance between steady income and launch-day fireworks. I discovered the secret sauce of crafting transformations people are eager to invest in. And guess what? Email marketing became my secret weapon, paving the way to a 7-figure business, all while embracing family life and jet-setting adventures.

Fast forward to today, and I've helped hundreds of fellow trailblazers launch their own programs, making waves in the wellness world. With over 750 happy customers and the proof in my own thriving business, I'm living proof that the wild path is the only one worth taking.

So, join The Collective Creator Academy, where we dance, dream, and defy the ordinary. Your extraordinary life awaits! 


—As Seen on—



Self paced & self directed online learning

Join us from anywhere! Our globally-tested methodology and systems cater to all audiences. Can't make it to the live sessions? No worries! All trainings are recorded for your convenience. I'm brimming with enthusiasm that transcends the screen. Send your questions in advance, and we'll ensure they're addressed during the live call. 

Weekly Module Trainings

 Join us weekly for LIVE sessions where we tackle each module together as a community. Launching in real-time adds value, urgency, and ensures a successful launch.

Monthly Live Q&A

Every month, join our private community for LIVE Q&A sessions. Ask anything, and no question will be left unanswered.

Tech Stack

Access our 24/7 module-based tech training program for all your launching needs. We share our recommended platforms and provide guidance based on our extensive experience.


It's the C.O.N.N.E.C.T method where we sell your group program before you've created it


Connect with your desire.  Unleash your passion. Discover a 6-step blueprint to transform your expertise into a scalable program, leaving a lasting impact. We'll uncover what drives you and how you'll change lives.    


Connect & craft your transformative approach. Turn your course idea into an irresistible offer that stands out. Create a top-notch program with a sales page, webinar, and launch sequence that captivate your audience.


Connect with a launch strategy that works and launch it with confidence. Execute a proven launch strategy confidently. Pre-sell your course with a 5K validation offer, tested and proven to deliver results every time. Scale your revenue and repeat the process for continued success.


Connect with the participant journey.  Elevate the participant experience. Deliver a course that yields real results, builds your program, and fosters meaningful connections. Learn how to craft a compelling curriculum and gather testimonials for lasting impact.

Let's talk about the path to creating a PROGRAM you can sell again and again



The Desire Catalyst

Gain absolute clarity on your program's target audience and map out their journey within your group program. Understand precisely who your program serves and visualize the path they'll take as they progress through your offerings.


Collective Creator Blueprint

Cultivate your own methodology that will drive results and ensure that you will create the experience that your community will proudly share with everyone they know.


Marketing & Tech Mastery

Discover the marketing strategy that propelled The Wild Collective to sell-out success and scalable growth. Gain insights on engaging your community and inspiring them to sign up and embark on the journey with you.


Collective Catalyst Launch Blueprint

Learn to launch your program, incentivize your prospective participants to sign up and nurture your community post launch to get them from saying maybe to a HELL YES!


Continuous Refinement

Innovate post-launch to foster community growth while prioritizing an exceptional participant experience. Start by crafting an exciting journey with elements that drive engagement and retention. Cultivate meaningful connections and conversations throughout the program. Strategize participant completion and seamless transition to your next offer.  FYI-  Retention is our jam, most of our members stay in our world for 3-7 years on average. 


Strategic Scaling

Expand your vision by considering various avenues for expansion. Whether it's packaging and selling your methodology to fellow clinicians, organizing a retreat, offering tiered programs, memberships, or high-ticket premium offers, now is the time to dream big. I'm passionate about helping clinicians clarify their purpose and finding ways to scale it significantly.
With the curriculum, coaching, and bonuses, the total value of this program is well over $5000
(in true, non-inflated prices)


ONLY, $1997




Choose this accessible payment plan option and receive lifetime access too:
— Complete curriculum

— Weekly Q & A office hours

— Monthly LIVE coaching calls

— Student Community



Choose this accessible payment plan option and receive lifetime access too:
— Complete curriculum

— Weekly Q & A office hours

— Monthly LIVE coaching calls

— Student Community



Get everything from the pay in full option (including the pay in full bonus)...

PLUS choose the VIP "extra" at checkout to receive a:
— 1 hour 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Call ($777)

— 1/2 day Telegram coaching access ($500) 

— All the legal documentation to cover your butt *I am not a lawyer, but it is what we use for our group, please review with your lawyer. ($1500 Value) 

Total investment: $4774 for only $2687 

MORE FROM Other clinicians like you


You'll receive instant access to over $3500 in course bonuses to make creating and launching your course easier than ever

Live monthly Q & A

$2500 Value

I have been coaching long enough to know that inevitably questions pop-up and I know you want answers.  So as a way to streamline communication and keep things organized, I will show up monthly weekly in our private chat to answer any and all questions you might have.  This way all Q&A responses are recorded and stored in the group so you can watch any reply when you have time.  You have lifetime access to these recordings so you can come back to this content well beyond the initial training. 

Bonus masterclasses

$500 Value

Knowing what prevents clinicians and coaches from launching and scaling their impact and working on their practice efficiency.  So my team and I have curated the best practices from our successes and failed attempts (the best lessons come from our perceived failures) and are super excited to walk you through all things marketing, facilitating, leadership & mindset.  We have got you covered.  All bonuses are recorded with lifetime access.

Social Calendar & 101 Training

$500 Value

Embark on a journey of digital empowerment with our Social Media 101 course—an immersive experience designed to unravel the intricacies of Instagram and elevate your online business presence. 

Say goodbye to overwhelming jargon as we guide you through Instagram's fundamentals in digestible modules. Learn practical strategies for content creation, audience engagement, and strategic growth. Our focus goes beyond follower count; we're dedicated to fostering genuine and impactful online communities. With actionable steps and real-world examples, you'll see measurable improvements in your Instagram strategy.

Email & marketing content

$250 Value

We're healthcare experts, not copywriters. That's why we've got you covered with our VIP offer, including email templates, legal documentation for regulated health professionals*, and a proven marketing framework for compelling social media posts. Plus, access our launch calendar to plan your marketing strategy from 3 months to 2 weeks before launch.

*VIP offer only

7 Figure Live Launch Bundle 

$150 Value

Dive into our immersive training and master live launches with confidence and clarity.

Unlock a comprehensive step-by-step template for impactful launches, whether it's a group program or a high-ticket experience. This exact template has driven my extraordinary results with The Wild Collective over the last 7 years.

With an unparalleled sales success rate (92% conversion of in-person launches of group programs), I understand what truly speaks to your audience. If you're ready to boost your success rate in selling your health offer, this training is for you.

So, What happens Next?

Here's how it works:

Upon enrollment, you'll receive a welcome email with all the details and an invitation to create an account for access to the Collective Creator Academy member hub.

Then, dive right in and get started!

Since this round is launching live, we'll release weekly modules over the next six weeks. You can either build the program alongside us in real-time or watch the recordings at your convenience in the hub.

You'll also be welcomed into our private group where you'll meet me, my team, and your fellow clinicians and coaches. Get ready for some lively discussions and a strong GIF game!

From there, jump into Module 1, join our monthly Q&A sessions for support, and participate in real-time coaching calls with me.


I am a manual therapist, how is group health going to help me? 
You are acutely aware that your time is your most valued asset.  And likely, you wish that you could disseminate the fundamentals of health & lifestyle in a program to add value for your clients and help them get even better results.

Picture this, your recorded program offers videos on how to not mess up your hard work through stretches, epsom salts and hydration.  

What they can do between visits.  Better results and clients who refer everyone because of your comprehensive care.  Add community support or a membership and now we are talking! 
How will I do this without getting in trouble?
Great question!  It is possible to be a regulated health professional and have a profitable program offering. 

Our training addresses aspects of program delivery to honour regulation and keep you sleeping well at night knowing you have done your due diligence 

I am a regulated health professional who has been successfully doing this for the last 8 years. I have even had my legal documentation and program outline reviewed by my college and other provincial regulatory bodies with no concerns. 

We help you feel confident and compliant. 

How long will it take to get my program ready to launch?
We aim to have you ready and launching in the next 60-90 days.  

This is of course self directed and you are in the driver's seat of your destiny, however, I know you will get the most out of all the coaching and support if you just launch the dang thing ;).

Before you are ready, before it is completed, before it is perfect.  We are about imperfect action over here and this is how I started too. 

You have lifetime access to the content and the ongoing upgrades, so you can launch when you are ready.  And you can expect a little tough love on nudging from me, because I know how important this work is. 
How much time do I need to dedicate to building my group program? 
We highly recommend that you set aside a few hours per week, 2-3 hours to build out your program.  Bonus, if one of those hours is with us in the live training. 

I know you are already so busy, but don't worry, upon joining us you get access to our training on how to build this into your calendar without decreasing your revenue.

Our Build time in your calendar training module will give you the exact framework of how I did this, even with a full 1:1 practice, a mom of 2 young kids and just having opened my own brick and mortar clinic. 

I don't know what my group program is about yet, should I still join? 
Yes! It's ideal if you've already created your practice around a niche or clinical focus and worked with clients 1:1 before launching a program.

But, one of the things you’ll do FIRST inside CCA is become abundantly clear on your burning desire, the problem you can solve for people, identify your Zone of Genius, and do market research to validate your ideas before settling on one.

So don’t stress. This program is designed to help you refine your topic AND make sure it’s profitable before you start creating your program. 

We needed your genius …… like, YESTERDAY!! 
 today is also perfect for the journey to begin.  
Is this a live or recorded program? 
It’s both! The course content itself will be recorded so you can learn at your own pace. You’ll get instant access to our CCA hub with access to all the course material, tools, templates, and bonuses too!

But true learning doesn’t take place in a vacuum. That's why you get access to our private community group for monthly Q&A and coaching. 

Think of those sessions as where you get your questions answered! 

You can also use the private community for feedback or to troubleshoot your ideas with your fellow clinicians.

LEt's get started!

I'd love to see you on our next coaching call!

Next Tuesday—the first tuesday
of every month at 12pm est! 


I made you a little something...

Collective Creator Academy is a hot match for you, if...

  • You're a coach, clinician, or service provider who wants to add scalable stream of income to your biz
  • You're looking for a proven method to take the guesswork out of creating and launching a group program
  • You want a business that builds more flexibility and freedom into your life
  • You're cool with building a personal brand and getting visible
  • ​You are a go-getter who is willing to show up, do the work, and push yourself a bit outside your comfort zone
  • You could convey all your feelings with The Office GIFs (and you often find yourself aligning with Dwight and all his holistic views since growing up on a beet farm, you are my kind of person)
  • ​You believe that all humans deserve to be treated equally and agree to be a part or our inclusive community where everyone is respected

THIS Isn't the PROGRAM for you, if...

You're looking for an easy way to make a quick buck—this ain't easy, and it ain't gonna happen overnight (BUT it is SO doable if you are willing to commit to doing the work!)
You don't want to educate your community, be a trusted mentor, or you're not willing to get visible online to market your program or grow your audience.
You're not willing to make the time to learn, practice, and implement the program material.

FROM other clinicians like you




Choose this accessible payment plan option and receive lifetime access too:
— Complete curriculum

— Weekly Q & A office hours

— Monthly LIVE coaching calls

— Student Community



Choose this accessible payment plan option and receive lifetime access too:
— Complete curriculum

— Weekly Q & A office hours

— Monthly LIVE coaching calls

— Student Community



Get everything from the pay in full option (including the pay in full bonus)...

PLUS choose the VIP "extra" at checkout to receive a:
— 1 hour 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Call ($777)

— 1/2 day Telegram coaching access ($500)

— All the legal documentation to cover your butt *I am not a lawyer, but it is what we use for our group, please review with your lawyer. ($1500 Value)

Total investment: $4774 for only $2687

Funny meeting you down here!

Time for a little heart to heart

If you have been in my world, even for just a little while, you might have gathered I am quite the cheerleader and eternal optimist...  and it is true I am. 

But I think making meaningful change in our profession and your career fulfillment is going to require that I am direct and straightforward for a minute.

The truth is, nothing changes if nothing changes.  Perhaps you are scrolling on through thinking that it might be nice for you if this could really do this like I have, however fear, doubt and scarcity are likely creeping in. 

Fear that your program will be too hard to sell.
Fear that you don't have what it takes. 
Fear that your patients and greater community just won't understand why they would join you.
And right now if you are reading this wondering if you can *actually* pull this off-- if you can actually make a bigger impact, be more profitable, have more freedom in your life...

You are not alone. 

I know because it used to be me. 

If you had told me 10 years ago that this is how I would be spending my time as an ND, sitting in circles watching the lives of the women I serve transform, in office with a high-ticket offer once a week, with 4 days of flexibility in my work week to spend my time how I desire, building what I want to build and be the CEO of two multi-six figure/ year business with an abundance of time with my family on evenings and weekends... I would have cried on the spot. 

Considering how I used to spend my time burning myself out before my group program.  I had NO life outside of work and it was impossible to take time off, forget about having a sick day, where would all those patients be squeezed in?  Heck, I stopped eating food and moved to smoothies in the day so that I didn't even have to take a lunch break, I am not proud, but it is the truth.  And when I considered building The Wild Collective, I too, was scared and I definitely didn't think I could afford the time. 

But how could I afford not to, this was not working... and I bet it's not working for you either. 

But here is the thing, I am not so special, definitely not a unicorn, just a regular girl unwilling to settle for the busy burnout position I had found myself in.

You CAN do this. 

The life you want, the one where you can whisk your family off to Spain with your dad to do the tour that he took you on, to his homeland when you were a kid.  And a pitstop in Iceland... just because you can.

The one where you can close your laptop at 3pm, make popcorn and smoothies for a movie night with your family. 

The one where you FREAKING love what you do and find yourself having so much fun with the work that you do. 

That life IS possible.

And it is closer than you think. 

I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  I really do believe in you. 

Collective Creator Academy was built to help you cut through the fear, the overwhelm and the unknown.  I am sharing everything I have learned, so that the freedom you desire is yours for the taking.  You just have to take the first step... 

Okay now back to being your business BFF ;) 

Now get on in here, and let's get to work. 

CAN't wait to see you on the inside!

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