A mom-and-daughter group health
program for girls ages 8-14
  • 6-module teenage girl health curriculum in a group setting. One 2-hour class per module.
  • Lectures, ​handouts, activities and open conversation.
  • Community growth in person and online through our private Facebook community.
  • Fosters healthy communication and a deeper connection between mom and daughter (or niece, cousin, friend relationship).
  • Equips girls with knowledge of how their bodies work and how to identify that they need support and equips moms with the language to continue these important conversations.
EVERY SUNDAY for 2 hours  /  6 sessions TOTAL
IN-PERSON from 12 - 2pm EST  /  STarts May 19th - JUNE 23rd
VIRTUAL from 3 - 5pm EST  /  STarts May 19th - JUNE 23rd

connections with like minded mothers

Feel empowered and self advocate with health professionals

Lifetime access to the information, & community

Learn a foundational teenage girl health curriculum

— limited space available —


Hi, I'm Dr. Michelle Peris

Naturopathic Doctor,
Creator of The Wild Collective & Collective Creator,
& Host of the Wild Medicine Podcast

Sisterhood is the medicine I never knew I needed.

I had devoured all the research and on an intellectual level it made sense. If I wanted thriving health I needed to prioritize connection, but connection had been a scary thing in the past.  Having been through situations of social rejection and bullying, sisterhood has been something I have avoided in the past.

The Wild Collective has transformed this narrative for me, because we offer high vibration, meaningful connection. Sisterhood was what I needed to level up in every way and live in alignment with my core values. It was necessary to be healed and made be braver then I could have ever thought possible.

As a clinician it is often hard to get women to face the obstacles to cure that are getting in the way of thriving health. Negative self-talk, sadness or feeling their energy zapped at home or work was getting in the way of my women really achieving health. It is my experience that sisterhood is the answer.

Health care offered in a one-on-one fashion is essential for individualized care, however after 11 years of private practice I can tell you that true, lasting health transformation is achieved when we incorporate community. And it’s a lot more fun!




WHAT IS Empowered Teen?

Empowered Teen is a teenage version of its mother, The Wild Collective. It is a supportive community of like minded mothers and daughters, offering health education that will help both your teen learn about their bodies and how it works and teach mom the language to support as they grow up. Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow them to tap into and be closely connected to their inner voice and intuition.

Empowered Teen is a 6-module teenage girl health curriculum with lectures, handouts, intentional goal setting and a supportive community of moms who want each other to succeed.

Curriculum Breakdown

My Menstrual Cycle

Together, we’ll bust period myths, learn what a healthy menstrual cycle looks and feels like, discuss the different period products and begin an empowering conversation about future contraceptive options.

My Digestion

In this module, we discuss how to optimize your digestion, what a healthy poop looks like and how to make healthy food choices. We also explore your relationship with food and consider how body image and disordered eating can affect that relationship.

My Mood & Stress

Learn about the hormonal changes happening in your body that affect your mood and emotions during these years. Understand your unique stress response and explore several different coping strategies to help you find calm in moments of overwhelm.


Explore the expected breast and vaginal changes that occur during puberty. Discuss the guilt and shame surrounding these body parts and normalize attraction.

My Vision

Create a vision for your future and your future relationship with your mom. Together, you’ll explore your identity, values and limiting beliefs and chart an intentional path forward.

My Divine Feminine

In this final module, we reflect on our time together and discuss how to incorporate all the new knowledge and insights into your daily life moving forward.


Hi, I'm Tara Rawana

Co-Founder of All About Mental Empowerment
Holistic Nutritionist, CBT Practitioner
4th Year Naturopathic Medicine Intern

Both The Wild Collective Tween and Teen programs are run by Tara Rawana.

I am a 4th year Naturopathic Medicine Intern in Toronto, with a clinical focus in mental health. In 2021, I co-founded All About Mental Empowerment (AAME), a company which provides holistic, action-based mental health workshops and courses to schools and community organizations, helping to bridge the gap in mental health education.

In 2022, AAME provided over 3500 students in the GTA with mental health education via workshops and courses.


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Getting better sleep is about so much more than taking melatonin and not looking at your phone before bed. Discover the 3 secret reasons your body is waking you up at night and how you can support your hormones to fix your broken sleep.

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[BONUS] Stress: The 4 Dances With The Tiger with Dr. Beverly

Join Dr. Beverly as she chats all about one of her favourite topics—STRESS! Learn about: How your body's nervous system recognizes and handles stress, the FOUR ways your nervous system reacts to stress and so much more!

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We can't wait to see how impactful this will be for you and your daughter/niece/cousin/friend.
This is priceless time and connection that will profoundly last a lifetime.
Your relationship is worth it and so is your empowered feelings that will come from it.











"The safe circle allowed us to share openly and connect on a deeper level."
"I think this program is really amazing for mothers and daughters. It was so awesome to bring our daughters into the wild collective circles."
"I loved each of the sessions. It opened up a lot of great discussions. I feel a deeper connection with my girls. A lot of good information shared in a special way. The girls really enjoyed participating in their own wild collective group."
"The group connection has been great for all of us. It is amazing to know we are not alone and amazing to share my stories with my girls. Can not be thankful enough for this program."
"I liked sharing and seeing my daughter share in the circle, listening to other moms and their girls. Tara was amazing at holding space for all of us to express ourselves."
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I have to
miss a session? 
Sessions will be recorded for your group, for you to watch sessions you have to miss. All powerpoint presentations, session recordings and handouts will be uploaded into your FB group.  
Is this program for
extroverts & introverts?
Great question! We have designed this program to meet the needs of all connection styles. We have moments & events that energize the extroverts and we have events that support and nourish the needs of the introverts. Its win/win.
What if I don’t
want to share?
There is no pressure to share at all. Although we have yet to meet a woman who didn’t love sharing… (true story) We promise to foster a safe space, but you don't have to share at all! Get ready to fill your cup and feel energized by the Wild Collective connection experience. 
Does this program mean I have a doctor and patient relationship?
The Wild Collective (TWC), is a community education course for women. There are no treatment recommendations, no supplement prescription, no assessment included in the programming. We inform you on general health information so that you are able to have informed discussions with your clinician/ health care provider during a scheduled appointment. The Wild Collective clearly demonstrates being a general health information program and where to go if you are looking for individualized care. Please use this link to book an appointment with your practitioner.
Is this targeted to a specific age group?
The age group for this program is for tweens between the ages of 8–14.

There will be a program for Teens (ages 15-18) coming soon!
Is the community & connection as powerful as a virtual experience as it is as a in person experience?
We have been privileged enough to host The Wild Collective sessions virtually and in person and there has been no compromise with regards to the connection amongst the wild women. If connection is what you crave, we have you covered, we have researched, invested and poured our hearts into ensuring we have strategies in place so that this is a powerful dose of sisterhood.
What is the flow
of these sessions?
50% Sisterhood/ Connection
50% Teen health curriculum
100% Wild reclamation
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